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Tonight I added dnsmasq to my Fedora 12 server, and had to do some looking to figure out how to get other client computers on my internal LAN to see the new dns. There is an EXCELLENT setup tutorial here that gave me *almost* all I needed to get things working. I did not use … Read more

I backup regularly, 4 times daily with the fantastic utility rsnapshot, and between runs I keep the backup disk safe by remounting in read-only mode. How I remount programmatically will be the subject of another post, but basically the backup disk has to be in read-write mode during the backup, but otherwise I keep the … Read more

These are steps used to get my new NSLU2 running Debian/NSLU2 then backing up my Fedora Core 7 (soon to be FC8) box. Unpack new NSLU2 (slug) and Seagate 250GB external drive. Plug in. Change networking on slug to static IP address on my network. (Much to my surprise, there is an issue with the Seagate FreeAgent … Read more

I’ve recently learned about Adobe’s Flex. If you accidentally stumbled across this page, there’s probably not much useful information here, just my collection of links that I’ll add to periodically as a bookmark. First, an overview of Flash and Flex from an architect of Adobe’s Flex is here. I’ll admit, I had no idea Flash … Read more