This blog is really meant more to be a diary for me than for anyone else to read and gleam some grand insight into my thoughts. In fact, if you read through the site, you’ll probably be bored to tears!

In case someone inadvertently stumbles across this page, then this is me: 37 years old as of this writing in January 2007, graduated from UT Austin in Chemical Engineering, completed a combined MD/PhD degree program from UT Medical Branch in Galveston with a PhD in biophysics, completed medical internship in Amarillo, Texas, completed radiation oncology residency at UNC Chapel Hill, and currently in private practice in Beaumont, Texas.


Much more interesting… married to a phenomenal person named Amy, father of a kind-hearted and highly intelligent son named Peter. My life is fulfilled, and I am happy. Everyone has gripes, but I have little to complain about.